Introduced Species

petrel killed by feral cat (photo: Matthew McKown)

I am very interested in the negative effect and possible eradication of introduced species that occupy seabird colonies, particularly rats, cats or raccoons. On the Juan Fernández Islands in Chile, introduced cats kill both species of endemic petrels on Isla Alejandro Selkirk. There are still no estimates for the magnitude of this mortality, or how it affects the demographics of these populations, particularly the Stejneger’s petrel.  The Stejneger’s Petrel is smaller, breeds in smaller sub-colonies and has a lower overall population size than the larger, more numerous Juan Fernández petrel.

On Haida Gwaii, I worked with Laskeek Bay Conservation Society and Environment Canada to assess the effects of introduced deer on offshore temperate island ecosystems.  Rare plants occupy some of the seabird colonies on Haida Gwaii and I inventoried rare and endemic plants to document the small niche they occupy in the presence of deer.

This research has been published in a Oxford University Press book, University of Washington Press book, the journal Bioscience and in Laskeek Bay Conservation Society technical reports.

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