Birdsmith original artwork, 2002

The original artwork for the Birdsmith logo was drawn by Lucy Smith, artist and senior researcher at Run for Joy. Commissioned in 2002, the artist drew a black-footed albatross soaring over the ocean waves, fish abundant in the waters below. Drawn in pen and ink, the original measures 7 by 10 cm.

The logo that appears on the Birdsmith website was created by Anne Francis Web Design. This imaginative and talented graphic artist and website developer created a Birdsmith Ecological Research logo with colours that inspired her from working with the art.   Commissioned in 2012, the first logo was created with green-blue seawater and a light blue sky, a colour palette that perfectly matched the favourite colours of the original artist- a person whom she had never met!  Modifying the colours for the owner of Birdsmith, the final logo is what you see on this website.