About Birdsmith

Birdsmith Ecological Research is an independent consulting firm dedicated to bringing the best available science and planning to coastal and ocean management. Through partnerships and collaborations, Birdsmith provides scientific expertise and leadership for issues of scientific, conservation and management importance.

Birdsmith was formed in 1995 to study seabirds in the Northeast Pacific Ocean and old-growth forests in coastal British Columbia. Over the last 17 years, Birdsmith has grown from its grassroots, research focus into a well-respected international firm that can address science, policy, resource management and leadership topics.

With colleagues in Canada, USA, Chile, and around the world, Birdsmith supports marine spatial planning processes, ecosystem-based management, seabird conservation, endangered species legislation, fisheries bycatch mitigation, marine outreach and education, and national or international policy to increase stewardship of marine species and habitats in all oceans.