3rd MSP Special Paper Session – 43rd Annual Meeting PSG

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) continues to be used to analyse existing and future human activities in the ocean and allocate space for multiple objectives – ecological, economic and socio-cultural.  MSP is a public process specified through a political process, with decisions made by governments based on the best available science, expert and local knowledge, and stakeholder consultations.  Globally, 10 countries have approved marine plans for waters under national jurisdiction, accounting for nearly 13 million square kilometres. By 2025, this number is likely to increase to more than 35 countries and 44.3 million square kilometres. In addition, MSP processes are underway to address planning needs at regional or local scales.

Building on the previous PSG Marine Spatial Planning Sessions in Turtle Bay, HI (2012) and Portland, OR (2013), the “3rd Marine Spatial Planning Special Paper Session” will highlight or share recent studies, techniques, tools and approaches that are contributing information about seabirds and their habitats to MSP processes and lessons learned, or that are developing spatial data layers in relation to a particular economic development.  Contributed papers may focus on a particular sector (e.g., renewable energy or shipping), specific methodologies (e.g., Marxan, modeling), or innovative ideas for incorporating seabird population information into planning processes.

See the PSG Annual Meeting website for more information.

Special Paper Session #4 – Marine Spatial Planning.  List of Presentations available here as downloadable PDF.

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